A collaboration between myself, Maapilim, Barberia Barbers and Story TLV
We brought these fine men into the studio and experimented with flowers. 
The idea behind #flowersaremanly was to show a range of manly figures, in vulnerable and and personal situations connected to flowers or plants.
The pictures were displayed at the Kuli Gallery for a week and you can read all about the project on Telavivian Mag

Rosamond, CA

Driving away from the coast
made a stop to look for some food
found these guys
can i take your picture?

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Field Trip 2016

I had the privilege and pleasure to visit El Capitan Canyon to attend Photo Field-Trip 2016, supporting my good friends at Pic-Time and doing some ambassador work for them in their beautiful tent.
This week is a bit hard to describe in words. I met so many amazing people, talented photographers and brands I never thought i would meet face to face, such as Indie Film Lab & Squarespace.
Something about the air in El Capitan, the trees, the blue sky, playing around with every kind of film camera i could ever imagine and of course - bonding with the wolves.
Here are a few snaps:

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Touchdown L.A

We will be spending the next month in the US, collaborating with our good friends at Pictime. visiting Fieldtrip in Santa Barbara, then heading to Yosemite for a week of exploring, followed by WPPI in Vegas and finishing with a bang of one week in NY. Hit us up for anything interesting

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Breathe #96504

I find peace
here where the river meets the ocean
the salt in the air

I want to be like an estuary

Fujica GW690

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