Wrapping up the photos for a new Campaign I shot for Maapilim - a super fine, beautiful lifestyle & grooming brand. I love working with like-minded brands. It just makes the creative process so much easier and together, we can take it to the next level.

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Enroute #9502

Enroute between London & NYC.
This was taken somewhere above Canada. Always puts me in perspective.
Canon 5D IV + 85mm

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Gilbert #1

A messy rough-cut from an ongoing documentary i'm filming.
This is Gilbert, he's my grandfather.

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Touchdown, Noisy-sur-École

Landed in France after a week in Berlin.
Very excited to start a new and very personal project, something i've never tried before.
More details when the time is right.

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A collaboration between myself, Maapilim, Barberia Barbers and Story TLV
We brought these fine men into the studio and experimented with flowers. 
The idea behind #flowersaremanly was to show a range of manly figures, in vulnerable and and personal situations connected to flowers or plants.
The pictures were displayed at the Kuli Gallery for a week and you can read all about the project on Telavivian Mag

Rosamond, CA

Driving away from the coast
made a stop to look for some food
found these guys
can i take your picture?

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